"No one really took Reef Merch to this level"

Our saltwater reef merchandise is designed to meet the needs of fellow saltwater reef enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby. Our products are unique, high quality, and well designed, making them the perfect addition to your tank

From One Reefer to Another

Hi all, I'm the owner of Reef of Clowns and I'm a passionate reefer, just like you! This was a photo I took on my birthday with my two beautiful sons who are also in love with the reef aquarium hobby.

I wanted to create a place where other reefers like myself could find high-quality merchandise that would enhance their saltwater reefing experience and bring them joy. Also, I'm a full-time designer in real-life so I thought this was a perfect thing to go after.

I'm excited about this journey and look forward to connecting with other like-minded individuals who share my love for the ocean and its inhabitants. Please follow us on Instagram @reefofclowns_shop.

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