Why I started Reef of Clowns

My Reef Tank - Redsea Reefer 250

Above, is my reef tank!

Our Story

I have always been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of saltwater reefs. For several years, I have been keeping my own reef tanks and have developed a deep love and respect for these amazing ecosystems. My family, including my two sons, share my passion for reefing, and we love spending time together caring for our tanks and marveling at the intricate beauty of our corals and fish.

As a full-time designer in real-life, I have always enjoyed creating unique and eye-catching designs, and I realized that my skill set would be a perfect fit for creating merchandise for fellow reef enthusiasts. I was excited about the idea of creating high-quality, branded merchandise that would allow people all over the world to show their love and appreciation for saltwater reefs.

Thus, I decided to start my own online saltwater reef merchandise store and call it "Reef of Clowns" as many people start out the hobby with the admiration of  Clownfish and Bubble Tip Anemone. I spent countless hours researching and designing unique and appealing products, from T-shirts, Wall Arts to Phone cases. I was determined to create merchandise that was both beautiful and high-quality, with a focus on making people joyful in their reefing experiences.

Reef of Clowns Open Graph Image

I was thrilled to see the initial positive responses to my merchandise, both from fellow reef enthusiasts and from people who simply appreciated the beauty of my designs. I loved the idea of people all over the world eventually wearing my branded shirts and sporting my stickers on their laptops and water bottles.

Most importantly, I was excited about the opportunity to connect with new people who shared my passion for reefing. I looked forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts, sharing tips and tricks for keeping healthy and thriving reef tanks, and spreading awareness about the importance of preserving these incredible ecosystems.

In the end, starting my own Saltwater Reef Merchandise Store was a labor of love, driven by my passion for reefing and my desire to create beautiful, high-quality products that would allow others to share in that passion. Thanks for being here!


My second son and I at a coral shop

This is my second boy with me at a coral shop